Welcome to MycroLab

MycroLab is based in Melbourne, Australia, and was incorporated in 2003. MycroLab operates from its own facilities which include Wet Chemical Lab, Clean Room and Workshop areas.

R & D Focus
The company has focused its R&D programme from inception on delivering a commercially viable, low-cost invitro diagnostics Point of Care / Point of Need solution for the widest possible suite of IVD assays.

By applying advanced microfluidics and miniaturisation we’re making IVD testing smaller, simpler, faster, cheaper and truly portable. MycroLab has developed a comprehensive, low-cost platform approach that comprises:
+   Handheld, universal instruments
+   Mycro®Card “consumable laboratories”
+   Mass-customisable Mycro®Card consumable manufacturing

Portable Lab with Universal Functionality
By enabling a complete end-to-end diagnostic, including processing and detection on our highly sophisticated “lab on a chip” consumables, MycroLab can integrate the capabilities of many instruments, thus delivering users a portable lab with universal assay functionality. This unique combination of miniaturisation, automation and system integration promises to dramatically improve user productivity, cutting both costs and the time needed for each analysis.

Intellectual Property
Mycrolab has developed an extensive IP suite covering its technological breakthroughs and is making a part of that IP portfolio available for 3rd Party licensing.

Strategic Assay Partnerships
The company has several Strategic Partners committed to the transfer of their assays to the MycroLab® platform. They have already secured distribution rights for their assays incorporated into MycroLab® instruments and consumables. MycroLab is now actively seeking additional Strategic Partners for IVD assay transfer, trials and distribution.