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Welcome to MycroLab

Our unique approach delivers industry-leading advantages along the value chain:

+   Dramatic savings in both capital and consumable expenditure
+   Fully Portable, Lab-Quality Instruments
+   Rapid results at point of need
+   Dramatic savings in both capital and consumable expenditure
+   Savings in labour, transport, maintenance and data handling costs
+   Operational simplicity and minimisation of human error
+   Elimination of need for skilled labour in analytical processing
+   Fully contained sample prep and diagnostic on card
+   Electronic Data Management and integrated comms capability
+   Secure chain of custody for evidence/data
+   Contamination control and electronic tamper proof/evident
+   Future proofed - new assays will run on existing instrument
+   Battery operated with universal power supply for easy recharge
+   Reagents stored in the Mycro®Card - liquid and/or pelletised
+   Programmed shelf life and internal QA/QC reporting
+   No-maintenance instrumentation
     +   On-board calibration and compensation
     +   Miniature format and low instrument replacement cost makes rapid product swap more viable than onsite repair