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Welcome to MycroLab

MycroLab’s SWAPP® manufacturing process is designed to enable high-throughput, mass customised production of its complex Mycro®Card consumables at low cost. This provides MycroLab with a massive advantage over existing technologies and production methods.

MycroLab’s SWAPP® MycroCard manufacturing process has overcome the limitations found in existing production approaches. Silicon foundries require very expensive infrastructure to generate high levels of consumable complexity and therefore enormous production scale to amortise these costs. By comparison, polymer embossing and injection moulding can not produce sufficiently complex microfluidic structures and still requires relatively large production volumes to deliver low per unit costs. MycroLab is not limited by expensive toolsets nor high volume production runs.
By engineering very high levels of microfluidic complexity on-card MycroLab has been able contain complete assay protocols within each Mycro®Card. This unparalleled combination of system integration, consumable complexity and instrument universality is all driven by our SWAPP® manufacturing process. SWAPP® enables MycroLab to deliver a universal assay solution that would otherwise require many different types of protocols and instruments.

As a result of these breakthroughs, MycroLab is able to deliver what lab on a chip technologies have promised: low cost; fast reliable results; portability; operational simplicity with universal capabilities.