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Welcome to MycroLab

The mobile phone-sized Mycro®MULTI is already capable of handling a wide variety of assays. It is designed to run optical and electrochemical protocols that do not demand the extensive power requirements or full spectral capabilities of the Mycro®UNI instrument.

Integrated Mycro®Button pump and valving systems provide sophisticated fluid handling for precise and accurate reagent delivery.

Instrumented optical and electrochemical interfaces provide rapid, reliable analysis of the Mycro®Card assay.

Examples of protocols capable of being run on the Mycro®MULTI include:
+  Basic Spectroscopic analysis, including Colorimetric and Absorption assays
+  Electrochemistry (potentiometry, voltammetry, amperometry, and conductometry) 
+   Immunoassay (eg ELISA)
+  Reaction Kinetics and Continuous Reaction Protocols
+  Micro-reactor Chemistry
+  Titration end point analysis
+   Flow injection analysis