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Welcome to MycroLab

The MycroLab® platform strategy is built around on our complex, credit card-sized Mycro®Card consumables. Each Mycro®Card is typically application specific (but in some cases will incorporate a number of different assays).

Manual Mycro®Cards use integrated Mycro®Button controlled fluid handling. These manual Mycro®Cards are designed for less critical assays (that do not require full automation) in both the Mycro®Uni and Mycro®Multi instruments.

Automated Mycro®Cards are for use only in the Mycro®Uni, where fluid control is handled directly by the instrument with no manual intervention. These automated Mycro®Cards are designed to handle complex assay protocols that may require temperature cycling.

Universal Assay Range
Our miniaturisation and integration of the entire assay process into a Mycro®Card allows MycroLab to incorporate multiple technology streams into our miniaturised devices, thereby enabling them to process a very wide range of assays. This provides a unique ability to serve many user needs with the same core instrumentation, simply by customising the consumables. We are able make this wide variety of consumables at low cost on our highly flexible, high throughput, proprietary SWAPP® consumable manufacturing system.

Complete Assay Protocol On Card
 These highly sophisticated, yet low cost “lab-on-a-chip” devices contain the complete assay process on-card and manage integrated microfluidic pumping, valving, degassing, filtering, separation and mixing operations.
Detection is performed via optical cells and electronic integration for electrochemical detection.

Importantly the Mycro®Cards can be configured to have on-board 
Calibration and Quality Control as a part of the assay Quality Assurance system of safeguards. This simplifies end user operation and improves the diagnostic result.