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Welcome to MycroLab

MycroLab has developed a unique and powerful miniaturised diagnostic solution with truly Universal testing capabilities. At last there is a laboratory system that anyone can use anywhere, for almost every invitro diagnostic (IVD) test.

Designed to provide laboratory quality results to unskilled users on the spot, MycroLab is revolutionising Point of Care testing. The company’s patented technology platform can be used with many different assays and assay formats to produce results to laboratory standards on handheld instruments. MycroLab’s intelligent and highly complex Mycro®Card consumables have enabled the company to miniaturise its instrumentation and provide handheld testing capability for anyone, anywhere.

This unique low-cost system offers many advantages:
+   Handheld Portability
+   Lower Cost
+   Faster Results
+   On-Site Testing for User Convenience
+   Increased Safety and Reliability
+   Automated Data Management & Transfer
+   Automated Operation
+   Suitability for Unskilled Users with No Sample Preparation

MycroLab is actively partnering with assay manufacturers and developers, transferring their assays to the MycroLab® system. The company and its partners are targeting markets where dramatically increased results speed, lower testing cost and removing the need for skilled labour give MycroLab unparalleled competitive advantages.

Welcome to MycroLab

+ MycroLab announced as the winner of Innovic "Next Big Thing "Award