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Welcome to MycroLab

The Mycro®UNI is MycroLab’s truly universal instrument. It is designed to provide complete laboratory functionality - either in the field or in the laboratory - while eliminating the need for highly skilled labour and expensive, complex equipment.

The Mycro®UNI is configured as a handheld or desktop device. It operates both manual and fully automated Mycro®Cards  The Mycro®UNI incorporates very rapid temperature cycling on-card, high accuracy spectral and electrochemical detection and provides a much wider range of assay capabilities than the smaller Mycro®MULTI Instrument.

Examples of protocols capable of being run on the Mycro®UNI include:
+   Advanced Spectroscopic techniques
+   Hyper-spectral imaging
+   Real time imaging at a cellular level
+   Real time FTIR spectroscopy
+   Micro-Arrays
+   Real time PCR
+   Cell Sorting & Counting
+   Flow Cytometry
+   Immunoassay (eg ELISA)
+   Electrochemistry (potentiometry, voltammetry, amperometry, and conductometry)
+   Electrophoresis
+   Reaction Kinetics and Continuous Reaction Protocols
+   Micro-reactor Chemistry
+   Titration end point analysis
+   Flow injection analysis