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Welcome to MycroLab

MycroLab has developed and integrated a universal instrumentation system in conjunction with its Mycro®Card technology. The MycroLab® instruments integrate with Mycro®Card consumables to provide the complete functionality normally found in a full-scale lab.

The MycroLab® instrument range is designed to accommodate the needs of users across a variety markets through its broad suite of consumables.

The Mycro®Uni range provides Universal instrumentation capability in both bench-top and handheld form factor, and may be multiplexed for low to medium throughput applications for near patient testing, centralised laboratories, through to research and drug discovery.

The Mycro®Multi provides multi-functional capabilities in a smaller palm sized form factor for near patient and end user testing.

The Mycro®Check is a multi-use disposable device tailored for a specific end user application.

User instructions and results are displayed on screen. Test results are written to secure memory on the Mycro®Card and are stored on the Instrument for subsequent data transfer as required.