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Welcome to MycroLab

Using a MycroLab is simple and requires virtually no training. On-screen instructions are easy to follow.

No Sample Prep

The user places the appropriate Mycro®Card into the instrument and places a drop of the fluid sample to be tested directly onto the sample introduction port on the Mycro®Card. There is no prior sample preparation required. Mycro®Card pumping is either fully automated and controlled by the instrument or user operated via buttons on manual Mycro®Cards.

Fully Contained Assay Protocol on-Card

The assay protocol takes place entirely and safely within the Mycro®Card where it is free from contamination. This way the Mycro®Card stores the used sample and reagents for safe disposal once the assay is completed. The fluid sample is pumped around the channels, through separators, de-bubblers and other processes where it interacts with pre-packaged, on-card reagents and buffers in a very tightly controlled and miniaturized version of the assay protocol. The quantities used are perfectly controlled by design structures in the Mycro®Card, thus eliminating of most the human error found in low throughput diagnostic labs using manual systems. The fluid then passes through one or a number of different detection stages, depending on the protocol requirement of each individual assay.

Secure Data Storage & Transfer

The results are displayed on-screen and stored on the instrument. The results are also written to protected memory on the Mycro®Card where it cannot be altered, but can be reread at any time. This means the results data are stored with the sample, enabling a secure chain of custody.

The data can be downloaded to a computer or network by wired or wireless connection or sent over a mobile phone network to a remote facility for data analysis. This means data management is both simple and secure. These advantages make the MycroLab® system ideal for management of distant diagnostics in the case of pandemic management or remote medicine. Another example of this capability is MycroLab's DNA Mcyro®Card, designed for forensic DNA use. DNA can be safely stored - free of contamination - and yet easily accessed multiple times. Data about the DNA is stored with the sample on the same DNA Mcyro®Card. This secure and unique solution eliminates contamination problems, links key forensic data to the sample and minimises transcription errors.