Welcome to MycroLab

Our mission is to partner with corporations and government to deliver the benefits of field-based, laboratory quality IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) testing using hand held devices and lab on a chip consumables. 

MycroLab has developed a hand-held, universal POC (Point of Care) solution, designed so unskilled users can get rapid and reliable laboratory-quality results anywhere for almost any IVD  assay, with no training.

MycroLab’s novel integration of handheld instrumentation and complex lab-on-a-chip (LOC) consumables delivers key adavntages:

+   Eliminate highly skilled labour and expensive laboratory equipment

+   Eliminate the need for sample transport to a centralised laboratory

+   Provide immediate on-site results leading to immediate action

+   Lower the costs of IVD testing

+   Any user can run almost any IVD protocol on one handheld MycroLab instrument, simply by swapping consumables

+   Results are captured electronically by both consumable and  instrument. Data is write-protected and therefore tamper-proof

MycroLab has achieved this technical breakthrough on the back of its highly complex lab-on-a-chip Mycro®Cards. Each Mycro®Card contains and process the entire assay protocol on-card, from sample preparation through to detection. This breakthrough has been made possible by MycroLab's highly advanced microfluidic design toolkit, allied with MycroLab's SWAPP® manufacturing processes. These complex and intelligent consumable Mycro®Cards have been designed for production in a low-cost, high-speed, mass-customised manufacturing setting.

MycroLab has designed and fully integrated its technologies to provide a solution for users in both the first and the developing worlds, for people and organizations who need reliable, low cost, lab-quality POC (point of care) invitro diagnostic testing.

The MycroLab IVD solution is suitable for use in many markets, including chemical and biochemical testing for:
+   Bio-Security
+   Forensics
+   Clinical Pathology
+   DNA Testing
+   Pathogen Detection
+   Drug Screening
+   Disease State Monitoring
+   Pharmacogenomics
+   Pharmacy/Doctor's Surgery Testing
+   Home Testing
+   Remote Medicine
+   Pandemic Monitoring